Tuesday, 4 November 2014


"Let the Wind Blow - Blowing Seeds of Faith"
Pam Finlay
November 2014
The visual picture for this painting came while in worship at Church two weeks ago.   The dandelion flower being blown and the distribution of His Holy Seed to creation.   
The dandelion is an extremely resilient plant.  It grows wherever its seed is blown.  It can grow in the most opposing of conditions.  The dandelion will grow wherever it lands.   When the wind catches a dandelion it disperses everywhere.   Like Jesus as he is spreading the good news, He is everywhere, omnipresent.  He was sent by our heavenly Father to creation to send forth His seed.  We can receive His seed by soaring with Him in the Spirit, living the Word of God.   He is opening anew a fresh wind of His Spirit to blow over His people in a new way, blessing the hearts of men to receive the seed of His Word. 
To give birth to His promises the seed of His Word must be planted in our hearts and watered by faith.  God will cause it to grow ( I Peter 1v 23, Luke 8v 11, 1 Corinthians 3 v6-17).
Blessings and Love

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  1. Pam...I just discovered your page. I blog on Word Press.com and met you on Brenda Bicknell's Prayer for the Nations FB page. We have just been discussing about Dr. Brian Simmon's teachings on the Glory in the Last Days! So glad to find your online presence! Looking forward to knowing you, Sister!