Friday, 9 November 2018


Pam Finlay 
Acrylic on canvas
November 2018

Hadassah and those Myrtle blossoms.  

She is a picture of the bride of Christ in all their splendour, highly anticipating the arrival of their King.  The fragrance that emanates from them when the crushing takes place is divine.  Behold the door has been opened for them to enter in.   Jesus is the open door.  He is doing a work in their flesh so that they can radiate and manifest the glory of Yahwah.  

Hadassah speaks of union in marriage as does the Myrtle flower which is the Hebrew emblem for marriage.  

Hadassah was the original name of Esther in the bible.  She is an emblem of victory.  

This is the poem on the painting 

Feeling those butterflies
fluttering in my heart.
Daydreaming came at the beginning 
and gave me quite a start.
Something special is happening,
a change is taking place.
Falling so deep in love with you,
and I seek to see Your face 
                       Pam Finlay 

Lord, help me to emanate you and radiate your presence as the season of marriage approaches.  Prepare me as a bride for your glory.  

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