Monday, 27 October 2014

At the Terebinth Tree - God's Holy Seed Preserveth

"At the Terebinth Tree - God's Holy Seed Preserveth"
Pam Finlay
Acrylic on Canvas October 2014

As His dear children, God desires for us to have an encounter with Him, that divine engagement, a meeting of hearts and commune with Him under the terebinth tree.  A people with His substance, expressing obedience, being grateful, having a humble heart, reflecting His character.  His grace is implanted in us as followers of Him, when we live by faith.  As His children faith, hope and love abounds.  His seed remains in us.    The Lord regenerates His people. The definition of regeneration is "that which is born of God, preserved His".   His light is sown for righteousness and gladness for the upright of heart (Psalm 97v11, 12).

The terebinth tree is our hiding place in Him, rooted and grounded in His love and fulfilling His promise.  In Isaiah 61v3 the word terebinth is translated as “trees of righteousness”.  It denotes strength and power, it also means pillar.  This exemplifies the greatness of Christ.  We can be become deeply rooted in Jesus and extend out and stretch our tent and move forward, the Holy Spirit within us to guide and direct our path.  As Christ’s ambassadors we are to be firmly planted in His Word, praising Him in everything we do.

 Psalm 96 v12-13 faithful and firmly grounded and rooted in His love, shining the light of Jesus.   As His holy seed we will be preserved according to His grace.  

The terebinth tree has a very substantial and deep root system.  It can therefore remain green even in years of drought.  It often sprouts from the stump after being cut as noted in Isaiah 6v13.  The holy seed is its stump, the trunk.  Jesus that holy seed saved us.  He is the true vine and we are the branches.  He made it possible for us to receive the promised seed when we become Children of God, that seed of Jesus became implanted in us. 

Isaiah 11v1 There shall come forth a root out of the stem of Jesse and a branch shall grow out of its roots. 

Jesus, our Messiah is that rallying person.  He is preserving His remnant, like the tenth, His holy seed will shoot forth and branches of righteousness shall arise (Isaiah 61v3).  He is restoring life to the roots.    The terebinth tree symbolizes that new beginning. 

Every tree is known by its fruit.  We are to be firmly planted in the Messiah, being firmly grafted into Him. (Psalm 92V13-15)




Sunday, 12 October 2014


The Key to the Secret Garden of My Heart
Pam Finlay 2014
Mosaic shadow box
A poem I have written to accompany the Mosaic artwork
The key and the vital sign for a healthy heart comes from LOVE, a heart of love………….
The call of the heart
Fill the deep place in my soul
Stretch and transform me
In the ocean of love
Make me whole
Drawn into that secret place
Restored and renewed
Guided by my faith
The garden in full view
Let the coming river flow
And quench the thirsty land
A wave of love established in my heart
In the fullness of the plan
Opening that door, being given the key
Searching deep within
Believing in my destiny
Blessings and love