Pam Finlay

Pam Finlay, Master of Contemporary Arts, is a multi talented artist living in Bowen.  She specializes in painting, mosaics and textiles and regularly teaches art classes to adults and children. In the past she has delivered a Certificate in Visual Arts course at TAFE College.   Pam has been an Artist-In-Residence at eight schools and has tutored and coordinated numerous community artwork collaborations with a Disability Respite Centre and an Aged Care Facility.  She has participated in numerous group exhibitions including a University Graduate Exhibition and has also curated exhibitions in her region. Some of her artworks have received accolades and have been featured in publications. Pam has received awards in recognition for tutoring and coordinating Arts programs in the disability sector on two occasions and more recently was a recipient of an Australia Day Cultural Award for her dedication to the arts in her region in 2010.

Exploring creativity is a process that challenges Pam's mind and spirit and fulfills her greater purpose in life, to share her gifts, inspiration and enthusiasm with others.
 Pam Finlay's artworks are considerably focused on the beauty of Nature’s gifts.  As an artist Pam Finlay engages with the organic world from a microscopic perspective.   What Pam Finlay is trying to convey to the viewer in her works is a sense of wonder in the power, beauty and mystery of our natural environment.  Nature is her main inspiration and motivation and she tries to weave her admiration and hopes for nature into her work and onto the viewer.  The beauty of nature has the ability to uplift our lives.

As an Artist and Arts Educator I believe that everyone through inspiration is able to fulfill their creative dreams.  My aim as an Arts Educator is to share my inspiration and enthusiasm and to help students discover their creative talents and provide an enjoyable artistic experience 

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  1. Hello Pam , I have a group called South West Prophetic Christian Arts. I am wondering if you travel to Western Australia for Workshop/Conferences on Prophetic Arts?