Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Pam Finlay
"That Golden Glow"
Acrylic on Canvas
October 2016

A new painting called "That Golden Glow".  I can liken this painting to the sun indwelling a golden field of flowers, a carpet of radiance.  There is an emanating glow that is coming from the bride in a place of purity and peace.  She is shining with wisdom received from the Holy Spirit.  From that amber light of indwelling, is a heart of faith breaking open and being filled with love like the flower petals unfurl to the light of the sun.  The Pattern Son, Jesus Christ, is Lord of all!!! 
Scriptures resonating are Proverbs 3:17-19, Isaiah 42:5-10, Job 37:22, Isaiah 60:1-5,  Ezekiel 44:4.