Walking to Bob Moses Creek Exhibition

Walking to Bob Moses Creek Exhibition 

In August 2012, I held the above exhibition at the 360 on Flagstaff Gallery in Bowen 

"In July 2011 a significant cultural event was presented in Bowen.“Behind the Cane” a Queensland Music Festival Production told the story of the origins of the Australian South Sea Islander Community.The event was performed by a cast of 120 people from the Whitsunday Region of which I was part of. This performance of musical theatre brought to life the South Sea Islander story in dance and song.

At the end of the production cast members walked to Bob Moses Creek.As history has it, Bob Moses was an elderly man who was a wonderful fisherman from the islands.This was his favourite fishing spot.This place holds a special place in the hearts of the South Sea Islander people of Bowen.

I aim to express the affinity the South Sea Islander members of our community have with their environment.I have been motivated to communicate this visually because of friendships I have made with family members since moving to Bowen."

Pam Finlay
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Gallery/Walking to Bob Moses Creek Art Exhibition

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