Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The King is Coming

"The King is Coming" - Acrylic on Canvas April 2014
Pam Finlay
Last Tuesday the Holy Spirit gave me – The White Horse, Jesus Faithful and True, The Bride, The Archangel Gabriel and the Cloud of Witnesses.
After meditating on the Word of God on Wednesday the above was supernaturally revealed in a background that I had started on the prior week.  Immediately when I started shading areas the horse and other figures were revealed in the painting. 
Jesus is saying that at the blowing of that shofar, he is calling an end to war and signalling a time for transformation.  It all begins with the transformation of our heart.  A new creation awaits you.  He is offering us, at this appointed hour, a new life in Him, a fresh beginning, and transformation of our heart and mind.  The key lies in humbling ourselves and submitting our lives unto Him. 

Gabriel’s arms are raised high as he blows the shofar, calling us that the time is at hand, the King is coming.  The white horse(the word of God) and his rider Jesus, Faithful and True is expectant for the bride to become ready as the bridegroom desires to become one with His bride, the church.  He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords (Revelation 19).  He is the judge and is always faithful to His promise.  He speaks from the heart of the Father, pure love.  He is bringing into being a faithful and true spirit within us.  He is the sovereign emblem of holiness and justice.  He is the triumphant conqueror, victorious.
A new dispensation is about to come to pass.  He is restoring the Promised Land, cleansing the hearts and minds of His people which will reconcile His people unto Him.  His kingdom will become mature sons. 
He is coming with great power and glory. (Matthew 24 verse 30) offering His people transformation. 

All of us will gather together in the fullness of time, and our love for Him will flow like a river between us and almighty God.

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