Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Early last week I heard the words "Grass Roots Christianity" in my Spirit.  The Lord has been speaking to me that He doesn't want our Christian walk to be complicated.  He desires that we take steps forward, steps of faith.  Grass roots is not about special buildings or ceremonies, it is a church of the body of Christ.  Its simple FOLLOW JESUS, love Him and love others.  He wants His followers to get back to pure faith.  Nothing added.  When we get back to the basics we leave rituals behind and it's all about being intimate with Him and resting in Him.  
Simple faith can move mountains.  Faith as a grain of mustard seed.  With God all things are possible.  He is just asking us to believe and you will receive.  Pure faith is about loving God and loving people that's the simplicity of the gospel of Christ, ordinary people living extraordinary lives, focused on being led by the Spirit and encouraging others, ensuring everyone is valued and God's love is shared.  

Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, He died for us and rose from the grave so that we could experience resurrection life.  It's simple, follow Him and believe.  Set your sights on things above, live for today and know that He has the map of your life planned right from the beginning.  He is the substance of life and He is our highest aspiration.  Love you Jesus. 
Blessings and love

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  1. I enjoyed reading what you wrote and I am in total agreement with you.

    Thanks for sharing. God bless you!