Sunday, 19 March 2017


Three Paintings from my new body of work
"The Floodplains of Kakadu"
Pam Finlay
Acrylic on Canvas
March 2017
The message through this series of paintings is the word “transition”.  Transition means to move from one state to another and that word has been on my heart for this new body of work that I am being led to create. 
In the wet season the northern part of Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory of Australia transitions to become a vast expanse of water due to the monsoonal rains.  Beautiful waterlilies highlight the landscape which becomes a photographers and artists dream.  I haven’t been to visit the floodplains of Kakadu in person but recently have been taken there through painting to capture the beauty and majesty of the place.  I have been caught up in the momentum of reflection through capturing the still waters, evoking a sense of calm.  In the silence I have been captivated by the beauty of the landscape.  One day I will see and experience this beautiful landscape that occupies my imagination.  One thing I know for sure is that everywhere I look lately I see waterlilies in the local streams that are being filled up by the summer rains. 
Love and blessings,

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