Saturday, 19 May 2018


Pam Finlay 
acrylic on board
May 2018

These leaves, I was led to draw patterns into.  As I was finishing this painting I heard the word "fashioned".  God is fashioning his people, preparing and shaping them into His image.  He is watching the change in His new creations, each one uniquely patterned.  The scripture that is resonating in my heart for this painting is from John 3:8
The Spirit breathes where he will, and you hear his voice, but you do not know from where he comes and where he goes; thus is everyone who is born from the Spirit.(Aramaic Bible)

As the wind blows you do not know where it comes from but you can hear and feel it as it moves the leaves. It's unseen but mighty powerful like the Spirit of God.  I think of the scripture in Acts 2, the sound from heaven coming like a mighty rushing wind on the day of  Pentecost as the Holy Spirit filled the people. 


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  1. Your painting is beautiful and inspiring. Also love the scripture references