Saturday, 25 April 2015


"The Five Wise Dancing, Celebrating Jesus"
Pam Finlay
Acrylic on Canvas
April 2015

This painting came like in two waves
The first wave
I saw the five wise virgins praising God dancing.  I proceeded to draw the virgins dancing.  The five wise understand God's grace, and are being continually filled with the flow of the Holy Spirit that moves through and from them.  They have a deep love for the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit manifests the agape love in them to love others.  Living in humility and in purity obeying the Lord and the Lord alone.  His chosen girded with Truth, dedicating their lives to Him, living consecrated lives, shining his light.   The bible mentions in scripture that His people enjoy praising him by dancing.  Psalms 149 and 150 both mention this as does Jeremiah 31:4.  In Psalm 68:25 it speaks of the virgins playing tambourines.   In Exodus 15:20 it speaks of Miriam singing and dancing in a victory celebration.  I meditated upon these scriptures as God was showing me the picture.  His desire is for us to worship Him. 
The second wave
As I started laying paint on the canvas the Holy Spirit led me to paint and the colours that came forth were like as His rainbow.  They moved on the canvas and merged like a rainbow.  I could see the 5 wise dancing through the rainbow, it was like they were becoming the promise.  They were one with the covenant.  Worshiping Him in the dance, celebrating Him, His rainbow covenant, all encompassing.  Filled with His promises, flowing with the Holy Spirit.  God places rainbows in the sky as visual signs relaying his message.  The rainbow is a sign of the covenant between Him and the people on earth.  He is remembering us.  His covenant is everlasting.  His covenant is binding, it is a contract, and it is a promise that requires us to be faithful.  God is faithful.  He desires for us to be His faithful bride.  We are making a vow with Jesus when we enter into his promise, an everlasting promise.  He keeps His promises.    He's changing us from the inside out, our destiny, the fullness of Jesus residing in us.  This is our expectant hope.    He can see the finished work in us.  It has already been inscribed on our hearts.  The metamorphosis has already begun.  We are pregnant with promise.  We have reason to celebrate.  I give God all the glory.  I'm loving Jesus with all of my heart.  

Love and Blessings

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  1. Oh Pam, how your painting blesses my heart! How interesting that what made these five "wise" is that they saw their need. They realized their lack of oil and sought more.
    Oh my heart sings that he showed you his plan that WE are the PROMISE of God--the very revelation of his LOVE in us and through us to everyone. WE are the revelation of his goodness--shining so brightly--amidst great darkness. A SUDDENLY moment--HIS Day of glory upon the earth. I love your work!