Monday, 10 February 2014


Fan The Flame - Pam Finlay
66 x 71cm Acrylic on Canvas

Angels have heard on high
The sound of the rushing wind
The midnight cry is closer now
The trumpets are sounding
Jesus is coming

Flowers in heaven represent the revelations of God’s beauty
Song of Solomon 1 V14, 2 V1.
The true flowers in heaven are eternal and perfect in their beauty, fragrance and form.
Hebrews 9 V24, James 1 V17.

Archangels are God’s messengers to humanity in times of crisis.  The archangel’s duty is that of a messenger.  The angel trumpet flowers represent the “rushing mighty wind” that was precedent to the descent of the Spirit.  Acts 2 V2. 


Symbolically the Trumpet Flower represents separation.  The colour orange is also symbolic of separation, passion, power, fire, harvest season, fruitfulness and joy.  You will see the colour orange is a predominant colour in my painting. 
In Revelation 3 V16 Jesus speaks of the gold refined in the fire.  God wants our character to be transformed into “Gold tried in the fire”.  Red and Yellow together make orange.  Because of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, he has given us the ability to manifest His character and be reconciled to God. 

He is the ultimate judge at this hour, examining our hearts, removing evil, repairing the damage of sin, and that fiery furnace is moulding and shaping us until we emerge perfected.  God gives out mercy instead of justice. 

In the process of refining gold it must be done accurately to ensure the final product is free from impurities. 

Malachi 3 V2-3, 2 Timothy 1 V6-7

Fan into flame the gift that God has given you, stir up, revive the embers, fan the flame and keep alight the inner fire of God, the gracious gift that He has given you. 
Kindle the fire within, stir up the gifts of the Spirit within to bless those around us. 

Matthew 3 V11,  Baptise us with the Holy Spirit and Fire.

  Change only occurs when we comprehend that we must be internally transformed, in order for us to bloom in desire of the most Holy God. 
When we surrender completely to the inward call of God we become truly open to the willingness to transform.

God has planted within us instructions for life.
The angels are showing us the pathway to enter the new garden of Eden Song of Solomon 2 V10-14.

Love and blessings

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