Wednesday, 5 February 2014


A mosaic I created  entitled "The Circle of Life"
A poem of mine that accompanies the mosaic.
“The Circle of Life"
Life’s natural cycles,
God’s times and seasons,
The Circle of Life is for a reason.
The beginning and the destination,
Fulfilling God’s eternal purpose for creation.
Enjoying the journey and making a difference,
 Bring joy to those around us,
His sons in coherence.
Perfection is His plan,
Love is the key,
Connected in that circle,
True gemstones of creativity.
Opening our hearts,
Developing our full potential,
God’s majesty and holiness
Is reverential.
Fully submitted,
In unison with Him
Adoration, pure worship
God’s glory within.
By opening your heart to a place of enlargement, God can develop your full potential to a place of abundance.  He is transitioning us to where He wants us to be.
Those true gemstones, as typified in my artwork, are  important as they express the heart of the Father and His love for us. The river of life is flowing in the centre.  Bringing connectedness, through swirls of creativity, to the world we live in.  Fully submitted and moving with Jesus in perfect unison, glory and obedience. 
The wheel within a wheel. Ezekiel 1 V16.

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